International Craft Swap – conclusion

Whoa, I am a little late in posting this one!  The International Craft Swap at House of Pinheiro swapped at the beginning of April, and after I sent my parcel away, I sat on tenterhooks to wait for what would arrive.  A couple of weeks ago, I was put out of my misery.


I had told my swap partner, Taz from Butter and Buntings that I find the make-do and mend attitude of the 1940s really appealing, and that the hobby which consumes most of my time is cycling.  Was I ever excited to see these earrings she bought!

bike earrings

Aren’t they the effing best?

The items she made me are in the nautical theme that House of Pinheiro suggested.  First, there’s these adorable embroidery hoop wall hangings.  I think the granny square is a Taz handmade original, and the bunting and lace one is just so sweet!

Embroidery Hoops

And then there’s a crocheted bow, which I can’t seem to photograph very well.  However, it’s nautical blue, and looks like these ones, which she posted about a few weeks ago.  I’m so pleased with what I received!

It was a huge challenge to try and make something for someone I’ve never met.  I only had a few clues about what she’s interested in – you can only learn so much about a person from a handful of emails.  I took my cues from the name and style of her blog, and sent her a 1950s recipe book which I found in a charity shop.  I made her some bunting out of plain stashed fabric, which I coloured using crayons and an iron.  The results look really sun-faded, and although it’s not quite what I was expecting, I’m still happy with it.


Then, because shrink plastic is one of my favourite materials, I made some buttons out of it.  I had one heck of a time getting a decent photo of them.  Here’s my favourite one:

boat button... boatton?

I also tucked in a 1950s recipe book which I found in a charity shop.  You can read what Taz thought of it here.