I won, I won, I won!

Earlier this week, I won a giveaway at Made on the Couch.  I was so excited to see my crazy mug at the top of her blog that I did a massive, jumping, happy dance!


 I won the Mathilde blouse pattern! What a stroke of luck – I was already planning to buy the pattern, and then, as if by magic, it arrived in an email from a celebrity sewist!  It’s a gorgeous top, and the pattern has become really popular.  You can see lots of different versions in the maker’s gallery, and I hope to add one of my own soon!


There is the small matter of choosing a fabric… but here are a three that I quite like.  I would love to have a bit of reader input!  If you’re one of the (very few) followers of my new little blog, please leave a comment and help me choose from these lightweight cottons.


8 thoughts on “I won, I won, I won!

  1. Congratulations on winning! I agree with the others on number three. It is a great pattern to make. I came across your blog on the Map the Sewists Map earlier today – so good to know there are local bloggers out there!

  2. Oh yes, number three! I’ve seen some swatches of this fabric and I think it has the perfect drape for a Mathilde. Plus the print is a nice, ironic antidote to the romantic nature of the blouse, don’t you think?

    • When the fabric first arrived, I was a bit… it wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it would be a lightweight cotton, but this is definitely a poly blend. It had a bit of a sheen to it as well, which I wasn’t sure about, but a washing has completely sorted that out. I hadn’t thought of it as being ironic, but now you mention it – it is! I can’t wait to get my Mathilde finished, and start my very first giveaway!

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