On my sewing table

Thank-you, everyone, for helping out with my reader survey.  Thanks to you, I ended up buying the gorgeous green airplane print from Stone Fabrics.  It felt like a bit of a risk, leaving the decision up to others.  Lucky for me, you were being asked to choose between three fabrics I knew I liked already, and your impeccable taste nearly unanimously chose my clear favourite.  Sneakily, I also bought some of the taupe floral, with another project in mind.  I’d have loved to get some of the white floral, but when I looked again, it’s a Liberty print, and costs over £20 per metre.  Either I’m tight as heck, or that’s just too steep.  But I will continue to day dream about making it into a top to pair with navy blue trousers.

ImageRight now, though, I have some sweet white airplanes on a green background to think about.  Although this fabric is just described by Stone Fabrics as a cotton lawn, it’s actually a viscose blend, and is pretty slippery and drapey.  I think it’s a good fabric choice for the Mathilde blouse, but it does present a neck facings challenge.  I don’t want the facings to be visible from the outside, but the fabric is so fine that they probably will be.  I’m thinking about bias tape for the neckline, but this presents its own kind of challenge.  Namely, I don’t like the stiffness of bought cotton bias tape, but I’m intimidated to try making my own.  I’ll probably worry about this for about a week before just sucking it up and going for it.  Deep breaths, self-bias binding.  More deep breaths.

With my fabric pre-washed and ironed, I began to tape the .pdf together.  There is a part of me (always wrong, every time) that believes .pdf patterns to be instant gratification.  You download, and BAM there’s your pattern.  Nevermind you have to spend hours lining everything up and taping everything together.  At least the Mathilde is ready to go straight out of the download, with no need to add seam allowances or draft any rectangular bits.  Way to go, Tilly!


I started laying the pattern out on my fabric tonight, but then I have the facings problem to solve, and (here’s me being tight again) I can’t let myself cut into the fabric without first working out the absolute most economical way to lay the pattern out.  Must! Not! Waste! Anyway, I’m still too exhausted from my weekend to try and problem solve, so cutting and stitching will have to wait for another day.

Keep looking though, because when I get this baby finished, there will be another Mathilde giveaway!  With buttons!


7 thoughts on “On my sewing table

    • I saw your button swap, and I would totally participate, but I’ve got the saddest button stash ever. It mostly consists of those clear plastic buttons that come in little plastic bags inside RTW trousers, in case the internal button falls off. Anyone who would be happy to receive them is welcome to them, I suppose, but I’d feel bad sending them as part of a swap. I hope the swap goes really well for you, though!

    • Thanks for the link! I saw your tutorial a while back, and thought, what a useful thing. Then, I didn’t bookmark it, and I couldn’t remember where I’d read it, and it did spring to mind last night when I was thinking about bias tape. Way to read my mind, Claire!

  1. Woot, woot! That was my choice. Can’t wait to see your finished Mathilde. There are actually ‘bias binding makers’ you can get from Clover. I have not tried them yet, but it is supposed to make making your own bias tape easier and more accurate.

  2. OMG! I’ve just made a dress using vintage car fabric, and as a cyclist and wannabe pilot everyone keeps telling me I should make a bike and plane dress. This is PERFECT! So glad I found your blog and that amazing fabric! So excited 🙂 Now to find a suitable pattern for such an amazing fabric! x

    • I would love to see your car dress! I snooped your blog, but I didn’t find it… maybe I didn’t look hard enough. I’m so excited to meet someone who likes bikes and sewing and airplanes (my brother is a pilot)! If Stone Fabrics doesn’t have the airplanes anymore, then check out http://www.textileexpressfabrics.co.uk/ (search for ‘aeroplanes’). They still have it in a couple different colourways. Happy sewing!

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