Mathilde winner!

We have a winner!  Of the 93 comments, only 88 of them were entries in the contest.  I asked you all to let me know who you’d make your Mathilde for, and most of you… said you’d make it for yourself.  Lots of selfish sewists out there, but hey, who am I to judge?  The one I made is all for me me me, too.

On to the contest!


The random number generator says: Sara is the winner!


Now, here’s the problem, Sara.  I haven’t got a way to contact you.  I can’t see an email address associated with that Gravatar, and there’s no link to a blog or anything.  I guess… I hope you see this post, and I hope you get in touch with me.  For my email address, look to your right, it’s under my photo.

If I don’t hear back from Sarah by say, a week from the contest close (so, 9:00am on Saturday, July 13) then it looks like I’ll need to draw someone else’s name from the pile.  Get in touch, Sara!

20130708_075613 (1)

AND – I nearly forgot: here are the mystery buttons, a swarm of pink and red aeroplanes on a blue sky background.


3 thoughts on “Mathilde winner!

  1. Oh darn! I got super excited then! I’m called Sarah and I said I’d make one for my little sister too! But it’s not me… 😦

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