Trousers Muslin

I’ve finished a trousers muslin!  The pattern I’m using, pictured above, is from Burdastyle December 2011.  Although the trousers are styled for winter in the photo, my finished ones will be made from a drapey linen for warmer weather.


You might remember my muslin fabric from my latest ‘What’s on my sewing table’ post.  These actually started their life as a duvet cover that was getting a bit shabby.  I had originally thought to add an additional strip of fabric in the side seam, to turn my trouser muslin into a pair of working pyjama trousers.  This was an idea I came up with during Karen’s Pyjama Party [], but I didn’t get started in time for her deadline.  Anyway, the duvet cover was scratchy to sleep under, and it’s going to be scratchy to sleep inside as well.  It looks to me like the next stop for this muslin is going to be the rag bin.  However, I’ve still got the rest of that duvet cover to use for testing out new-to-me patterns, so it won’t be the last you’ll see of it.


I’m so very happy with the fit of these!  They don’t need much adjusting at all, although I can make those funny wrinkles over my hips disappear if I pinch about a half inch out of the front to lower the front waistband.  I can’t see any need for other alterations after that (aside from choosing the perfect length).  But check out that fit – no weird wrinkles in either the crotch or the leg.  Way to draft a pattern, Burda!

I can’t wait to get these trousers cut out in my real fabric!

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