Reality TV enters the sewing room.

I have an unrelenting and furious love of skills-based reality TV.  I don’t want to watch anyone live cooped up in a little house with strangers, but any show where the contestants have to create something or perform feats of athleticism will have my complete and undivided attention.

My obsession started with cooking shows, back when Jamie Oliver was on TV for the first time.  Then, something amazing happened to the cooking show: an element of competition was introduced.  Now I live in England, and have unfettered access to shows like Masterchef and The Great British Bakeoff, and I am in heaven.

But this is a sewing blog… so where’s the sewing angle?  Well, I unfortunately missed out on Project Runway for the entirety of its 11 seasons.  Project Catwalk stopped airing shortly before I moved to the UK, and I’ve only managed to catch a few episodes of Styled to Rock.  When Project Runway Canada was underway, I didn’t own a TV because I was trying to be one of those people.  A wannabe pretentious hipster-type with boy-short orange hair, known by baristas for my hand-stitched coffee sleeve, who didn’t own a TV.  All of this is to say, I have missed out on a lot of the kind of reality TV that really appeals to me.

There is a giant sewing-based reality TV hole in my heart (and in my TV lounge).  To fill this hole, I have been greedily reading the Project Runway updates over at Beau Baby.  Satisfying as her posts have been, they’re not quite enough to quench my thirst.  I’m not actually able to see the sewing happen.  Well, the BBC has heard my anguished cries, and produced a new series: The Great British Sewing Bee.  It starts on 2 April, at 8pm.

I can’t wait!